I'm A Woman (MM ResistMix 2020)

from Feminenergy by TAIRRIE B




Originally written & recorded in honor of International Women's Day & Women's History Month in 2019. I am proud to present this Mick Murphy 2020 remix of my modern feminist protest with an old school hip hop twist and a raised fist in RESISTANCE!

"I'm A Woman" is still my current mood. A reflection of what's been on my mind since the 2016 Presidential election and the perfect way to end this album.

This song is dedicated to my reSISTERS in solidarity! To the fierce & fly, young & old, black, brown & white females who continue to inspire me and fight for women's rights unapologetically. It's a shame that we still have a need for a day like March 8th to remind us why equality is so important and that feminism is not a dirty word. Empowered women empower women and together we rise.



We Are The Majority Vote!
Not My President! Not My President!
Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Kavanaugh Has Got To Go!
Times Up! Times Up! Times Up! Times Up!
We Believe Survivors!
Donald Trump Is A Motherfucking Liar!
Black Live Matter! Black Lives Matter!
My Body, My Choice!
Yes We Can! Yes We Can!

1950's Announcer: Here’s to the ladies! The fair and the weak. Fair they are, we’ll all admit but who dares call them weak? Our modern girls play as hard and with as much vitality and stamina as any man. How do they do it? Where do they find all that energy?

I can rock a mean rhyme
And scream like a queen at the same time
Shoot my gift to a riff and persist
To shift the paradigm
I can hold up my fist
And demand equality for my kind
Stand in a line, march with a sign
And give em a piece of my mind

Cause I'm a WOMAN... yeah
W-O-M-A-N (ay, yo)
I'll say it again
(she was a force to be reckoned with)

I can get pissed, resist and insist that you give me respect
Raise my voice pro-choice, protest, protect women’s rights and elect
I can rage and engage, advocate, it don't matter my age or my weight
Pick up the mic, like lightening I strike
And win the whole goddamn debate

Cause I'm a woman...yeah
W-O-M-A-N (ay, yo)
I'll say it again
(she was a force to be reckoned with)

If you talk bad about me you know that you just might get hexed
If you try and lie on me you know that you just might get checked
If you step to me vexed I suggest that you don't step alone
Yeah I'm a bad bitch, the wicked old witch
So beware the crone

I can be nasty
But if you grab me by the "P" you'll get hit
I can be nice, do no harm
But I take no shit
I can support my sisters
White, brown and black
Speak truth to power, empower
The future is female
And we won't go back

Cause I'm a woman ...yeah
W-O-M-A-N (ay, yo)
I'll say it again!
Cause I'm a woman... yeah
W-O-M-A-N (ay, yo)
I'll say it again!

"One career all females have in common...being a woman"
- Bette Davis

I’m a woman yeah I said it
So let’s get to the point
Motherfuck the patriarchy
Cause I’m housin' the joint
A feminist in full effect
Fully loaded with intellect
Not spitting bullshit
Or politically correct
I manifest to progress
But I refuse to repent
Against conservative views
Fox News and what they represent
The racist, evangelical right
With their rifles
Hypocritical pro-lifers
Always pushing their Bibles
Narcissistic sexist bigots,
Unfit and complicit
Chauvinistic, ill-equipped
Ignorant and illicit
From Politicians to Christians
It’s so easy to notice
The anti-woman rhetoric
From preachers to POTUS
Misogynistically vicious
So we stay strong and persistent
And say respect our existence
Or expect resistance!

John Waters & Iggy Pop: And she’s still mad. That’s a wonderful performance. Every time you think she’s…it’s over now…She gets pissed again! She’s back! I know...And it’s great! Her diction is very, very good. That’s not easy. You understand everything she has to say.


from Feminenergy, released October 20, 2020
Lyrics & Vocals by Tairrie B. Murphy
Live Drums, Guitar & Bass by Mick Murphy

Produced by Tairrie B. Murphy & Mick Murphy
Remixed for Feminenergy by Mick Murphy
Recorded @ The Magick Room Knoxville, TN.
Cover Design by TBM

Special thanks (once again) to the amazing Mr John Waters & Iggy Pop for my super cool outro! ❤️️


all rights reserved



TAIRRIE B Los Angeles, California

└A Woman currently living in Knoxville, TN.OG Scream Queen, Emcee, Multi-Hyphenate Artist, Wife, & Feminist. Pro-Choice, Anti-Trump, Radical Liberal. Fluent in politics, profanity & RESISTANCE.🎤💋

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