Beware The Crone


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A dark and witchy journey back to my hip hop roots with a classic old school West Coast influence. "BEWARE THE CRONE" is the first single from the forthcoming album "VINTAGE CURSES" out 8.14.15! This track is a FREE DOWNLOAD and gift to friends & fans. If you care to make a DONATION in the name of ART with your DOWNLOAD, I thank you and as always, appreciate the support of my MUSIC and myself as an ARTIST. ♡ This is the only place on the net this song is OFFICIALLY available. Enjoy and please share! x



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"TAIRRIE B - HIP HOP's ORIGINAL BAD BITCH IS BACK! Like the n-word and “queer” before it, “bitch” has been pretty thoroughly re-appropriated. Urban dictionary defines “bad bitch” as someone “mentally gifted and usually also fine as hell.” But don’t give credit to Iggy Azalea; give credit to another white rapper, Tairrie B, who was signed to a division of Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records and in 1990 released her debut, The Power of a Woman. Indeed, hip-hop could undoubtedly use fewer twerkers and more wizened truth-sayers. Tairrie B's re-emergence is inspiring. In a genre based upon storytelling, nobody's got more interesting accounts than she. - LAWEEKLY.COM
"Oh yes, there's name-dropping. But not in the way you would think. There's no industry movers and shakers listed here, laying the path for a future cameo. Anyone who knows Tairrie won't be surprised at the feminist influences mentioned here, namely Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Bette Davis, Joan of Arc and yes I guess you could even say, Medusa. The music is definitely soaked in an L.A. cologne ("Took an oath to the West Coast And I respect the architects, con safos!"). By putting this dark, witchy theme on the record, Tairrie has given the music a unique spin, making it stand out from everything else out there at the moment. With its old-school flavour and dark trappings casting a magical spell on everything it touches, the wicked witch of the west behind Vintage Curses may indeed be scary but also as entertaining as hell." - BELLAONLINE.COM
"The legendary Tairrie B, put on by the late, great Eazy-E in 1990, has just released her brand new single, Beware The Crone, taken from her forthcoming album, Vintage Curses. The project is scheduled to be released on August 14. In 2015, Tairrie B is still as outspoken as ever and her new album is proof she has honed her skills as both lyricist and producer. Love her or loathe her, there's no denying she has bravely paved the way for more than a few women in the rock world as well as hip hop today." - HIPHOPGODS.COM
" Tairrie B, who returns to rap following a two-decade detour into rock with a new rap album, has been called a pioneer for paving the way for the current generation white female rappers like Iggy Azalea, who was born the year that Tairrie B burst onto the national rap scene. That was 1990 when she was signed by Eazy-E who released her debut solo album The Power Of A Woman on his Ruthless Records imprint Comptown Records, which had major distribution through MCA. Unlikely as it might seem for a white female to hold her own and fit in with Compton's notorious gangsta rap pioneer Eazy-E's Ruthless family, Tairrie B did fit in. And she did by simply being who she was and not fronting but rapping." - AMOEBA.COM
"Trailblazing Rapper and Alt-Metal Queen Tairrie B Is Back with a New Hip-Hop Single, "Beware the Crone". Those familiar with her history might not be too surprised by her latest project, but it's still as ballsy a move as anything she's ever done in a career defined by ballsy moves. Tairrie's musical career has always been chameleonic. Tairrie burst onto the rap scene as a protégé of NWA don Eazy-E, signing to his imprint Comptown Records for her debut (which would end up as the label's sole release). After that, she switched genres to pursue her interest in heavy metal and the occult. Rap-metal hybrid Manhole and then the purely metal-oriented My Ruin were the result, and up until now, Tairrie's focus has lain squarely on that world. Her new single "Beware the Crone" is a complete about-face, though, and wouldn't sound out of place next to her older hip-hop recordings. It's very old-school, very West Coast, and very witchy—there's a darkness to it that makes a whole lot of sense when Tairrie's heavy metal bonafides are taken into consideration. " - NOISEY.COM
" In 2015, Tairrie B is still as outspoken as ever and her new album is proof she has honed her skills as both lyricist and producer. Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying she has bravely paved the way for more than a few women in the rock world as well as hip hop today." - THEINDEPENDENTVOICE.ORG
"She's trailblazing rap artist who paved the way for the likes of Iggy Azalea and Brooke Candy bursting onto the hip hop scene with her debut album The Power Of A Woman on Eazy E's label back in 1990.
Now Tairrie B – one of the very first and original white female rappers in Hip-Hop – is back with her first solo rap material in over twenty five years. And by the sounds of her thrilling new record Vintage Curses, set for release on August 14, it’s been a long time coming." - THEDAILYMAIL.CO.UK
"Tairrie B (My Ruin, The LVRS, Teenage Time Killers) has released her first single from her return to hip-hop after a 20-plus year hiatus. ‘Beware the Crone’ dropped this week, as the first salvo from her new album Vintage Curses, releasing on August 14th. The track is a spooky slice of music, marked with her classic wordplay and deft rhyming skills."- GHOSTCULTMAG.COM
"Beware the Crone’ sets the tone for things to come; smooth well rhymed verses, the occasional well placed sample, some dark rhythms (courtesy of husband Mick Murphy on drums, bass and guitar!) and plenty of bruxaria." - HARDPRESSED.WORDPRESS.COM
" For me, this lady was one of the best rappers of the early 90’s and I loved her album on Comptown/MCA Records called The Power Of A Woman. Tairrie B. has made a return as an MC with Vintage Curses to be out on August 14th. Some of her devoted metal fans may find the return a curious one while others who enjoy a wide range of music will welcome her back to her hip-hop origins. If anything, it shows how diverse an artist can be, especially when awareness of what they had done before is little or unknown. After hearing this, longtime fans will understand that Tairrie B. is still being in total control of herself." - THISISBOOKSMUSIC.COM
"Multi-faceted mercurial maven and rap's original "Ruthless Bitch", Tairrie B returned yesterday with explosive new solo rap track and lyric video "Beware The Crone. The song is taken from the pioneering artist's new solo rap album, "Vintage Curses", due for release on the 14th of August." UBERROCK.COM



Picture a chick that’s mean
Amplify the pitch and I become a scream queen
Motherfucker don’t test me, you address me
With respect or get checked like rest see
I’m possessed when I’m pissed
More scary than the Omen or the Exorcist
I’m sick with this, infamous when I spit
The original bitch with the trademark lips
Check your discs you’ll find me
But if ya don’t betta check your history
First dropped in nineteen ninety
One of a kind when Eazy signed me
Raised in the sun on that gangsta shit
And I paid my dues so don’t trip
Oh, ya gotta a problem with it?
Yeah, I’m back and I’ve flipped the script
To a new chapter like the rapture
Get left behind or adapt your
Mind to rewind and to read the signs like a pastor
Before and after
The hair got blacker, the voice got deeper
I got stronger while they got weaker
Cheaper, showing that ass like trash
But I’mma come back with class
And pass to shed an insult to those egos
My lips are lethal
Tongue deadly as a gun on the microphone

Double double, toil and trouble
My cauldron boil and bubble
With blood, sweat and honesty
Blowin’ kisses to my critics like a true OG
Wind’s calling through the trees
Hecate…I call upon thee
Bind my enemies and leave them weak
From the poetry I speak
Guard the circle which I cast
With a wolf and clear my path
As I go faster cause I have to
Craft a rhyme designed to catch a
Thief and Kill a Mockingbird
Line to line and word for word
The mistress of magick will bewitch
Beguile as I kick it freestyle
Watch the transformation happen
From screamin’ back to rappin’
Tappin’ into my intuition
On a mission, y’all keep wishin’
I’d go away but I won’t
I’m here to stay like the women’s vote
Throwing up the goat as I quote Macbeth
What’s done is done but I ain’t done yet
Let that resonate like “The Bell Jar”
While I write my memoir
Invoking smoke from the microphone

Beware the Crone (Beware the Crone)
Just like Medusa she will turn you to stone
I said…Beware the Crone (Beware the Crone)
Just like Medusa she will turn you to stone, turn you to stone, yeah…

I step into the light you adjust the lens
Hocus Pocus I’m back again
Wonder how, what, why, where the fuck I’ve been
You can’t focus or comprehend
I transcend the underground
When the sky is black and the moon is round
I rise like the tides the sea brings
Straight from the City of the Angels and got wings
Symbolic of a phoenix from a flame
And this dame still got game and a name
Verses in my veins
Givin’ birth to a new life takes pain
And labor, lots of flavor with heart
Won’t compromise myself or my art
Like Joan of Arc, I slay the microphone

Beware the Crone, (Beware the Crone)
Just like Medusa she will turn you to stone
I said…Beware the Crone
Just like Medusa she will turn you to stone, turn you to stone…
yeah…Beware the Crone (Beware the Crone)
Just like Medusa she will turn you to stone
I said…Beware the Crone
Just like Medusa she will turn you to stone, turn you to stone, yeah…

It’s blasphemous and wicked …
As the paper burns, a spell is cast
It’s blasphemous and wicked…
The past had left a permanent mark
It’s blasphemous and wicked…
The power of the planets has been petitioned.


released June 8, 2015
Lyrics & Vocals by Tairrie B. Murphy
Produced & Mixed by The Covenant
(Tairrie B. Murphy, Mick Murphy & Josh Lynch)
Recorded @ The Grey Room & Weapons Of Mass Production Studio

Additional Vocals By John Lousteau (Teenage Time Killers) & Wiley Hodgden (The Birds of Satan / Chevy Metal)
Recorded @ Studio 606
Live Drums by Mick Murphy

Cover Art Design by Tairrie B. Murphy
Photography by Gary Bandfield | Tour Bus Live
♑ └A 2015


all rights reserved



TAIRRIE B Los Angeles, California

└A Woman currently living in Knoxville, TN.OG Scream Queen, Emcee, Multi-Hyphenate Artist, Wife, & Feminist. Pro-Choice, Anti-Trump, Radical Liberal. Fluent in politics, profanity & RESISTANCE.🎤💋

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