Ad Nauseam

from Vintage Curses by TAIRRIE B



I can hear your heartbeat through your sweat
So don’t put dirt on my grave just yet
Spittin’ bars to new levels for irrelevant fellas
Demystifying the Devil cuz I’m the real rebel
Raisin’ stakes in my rhyme the first line with my fist
Punks step back; don’t know how to re -act to this
Feminist, activist, no need to practice this
Ain’t showin’ my ass every goddamn chance I get
Tracking this seamless so you fuckers will feel this
For lyrical content and not with your penis
No booty shakin’ half naked ad nauseam
I’m making moves by the moon with insomnia
Fluidly with ingenuity I rock shit
You wanna dismiss it but can’t so you talk shit
Fed up with the ageism, sexism, racism
In an industry fueled by fakeism
Commercialized over hyped cheap antics
I’m sick to death of seeing everyone’s panties
Not here for the sell, just kickin’ semantics
With style and perspective that’s real, so respect it!

Anyone can be likeable but it really takes guts to be hated
And she knew she was hated but she didn’t care
You know her name?
She repped hip-hop on the West Coast
You’re taking about Tairrie B. Yeah Tairrie B!

Now let’s hear it for my sisters who had something to say
The ladies who spit legit from back in the day
Smashing stereotypes and breaking down doors
Pushing boundaries and waxing poetic on the dance floors
Not dropping drawers like whores on all fours
Setting women back for years after all that we’ve fought for
Whatever happened to the bad ass chicks?
Now everybody’s videos are porn flicks!
Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a nice ass
But put some clothes on and leave some mystery for fans
Damn, that shit’s weak and reeks of weak minds
Who got nothing to say so they just show their behinds
I grind rhymes and flow my linguistics
Myself not a mimic, so no need for those gimmicks
And that might come as a disturbance to cynics
But my resurgence is urgent so middle finger to critics
I never quit it, just took a sabbatical for my soul
Turned my words into sigils so magical to behold
Bringin’ the cold to the mic like an ice queen
But I can make it melt motherfucker, if I scream

She was gonna be a real fiesty dynamo and create electricity wherever she went
Tairrie B!
Bitch virtuosity!
Putting more fuel on the fire
I would love to hear more female opinions with regards to this topic…

Strike a pose and the Hollywood sign lights up
So leave your Gods and your politics home cuz I don’t give a fuck
I rep the city that I love the most
And when the sun sets low on the West Coast…
I shine cuz I’m nobody’s protégé,
Write my own rhymes, won’t apologize for what I say
In a business that thrives on lies
Nobody gave me a free ride but I still survived
And there was hell to pay so I paid dues
I took my lumps and I gave a few too
So don’t believe everything you read
The internets full of bullshit and those who feed
Off the negativity like a vulture
And they’ll bleed you dry in this comment culture
The need to be famous gave us pop
And watered down Hip-Hop with a booty on top
Please stop tryna get that attention
Because it’s a movement, don’t mean its progression
My self expression is progressing with age
But I can still remember when women had rage
Originality that wasn’t easy to bluff
And now all I see is just image and fluff
But “If It Ain’t Ruff” then I’mma say “damn bitch”
So listen up! Do I speak a dead language?
Cuz I’m a bad witch like Jessica Lange is
And I ain’t here to be cute, I do damage!


from Vintage Curses, track released August 14, 2015
Lyrics & Vocals by Tairrie B. Murphy
Produced & Mixed by The Covenant
(Tairrie B. Murphy & Mick Murphy)

Recorded @ The Grey Room
Live Drums, Guitar & Bass by Mick Murphy

Cover Art Design by Tairrie B. Murphy
Photography by Gary Bandfield | Tour Bus Live
♑ └A 2015


all rights reserved



TAIRRIE B Los Angeles, California

└A Woman currently living in Knoxville, TN.OG Scream Queen, Emcee, Multi-Hyphenate Artist, Wife, & Feminist. Pro-Choice, Anti-Trump, Radical Liberal. Fluent in politics, profanity & RESISTANCE.🎤💋

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