Single White Female (Unreleased 2nd Album)


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  • Immediate download of 13 classic rap tracks for FREE from my previously un-released 2nd album 'Single White Female' which was originally recorded in 1992/93 for Eazy E's Comptown Records label. This is the only place on the net these these songs are available in this format and they come in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. These recordings are truly an old school piece of my musical history to add to your My Ruin/TBM related collection of albums. Enjoy~! ♥

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I've always said... "Never be ashamed of who you used to be because it made you who you are today". Although I have been screaming on the microphone for the past 20 years, there will always be a special place in my heart for my hip hop past and what I did as a rap artist before I started my first metal band 'Manhole' in 1993 and decided to change my path in music to one of rock.

Over the years many people have written me via my band My Ruin asking if I would post the tracks from my previously unreleased second rap album 'Single White Female' which I recorded in 1991/92 so I have decided to make it available to download. This album was once sold on My Ruin's old website for a short time and while some of you had the chance get a copy many did not, so due to the fact I have gotten so many requests, I have decided to post it for those of you interested in checking in out and adding it to your My Ruin related collection.

I have also added two new surprises for those of you who already had it so you wouldn't feel left out and can download these individually if you like. This online only version includes the never before heard *intro track* B-WORD and the *bonus track* SOME LIKE IT HOT! The album also features a duet with Cheryl [Salt] James of Salt & Pepa fame along with the last rap I ever recorded before I started my band Manhole which was 'Rhymin' With A Devil' with DJ Julio G of Westside Radio and the rock band 'Sugartooth'.

As you listen and download please keep in mind that these tracks were taken from the original tape cassettes (remember those?) and DAT masters from way back in the day so some of the recordings may sound cleaner than others and some may have a slight bit more hiss and static. I did a little "home' mastering to make the tracks sound as bright as I could for you. I hope you dig it today as much as I did back then when I first recorded it.

Tairrie B Murphy


released 11 August 2010

Recorded in 1992/1993
Comptown Records



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The B Word [Intro]
They wanna know who started it - Cut the bullshit
Tairrie B is back and I'mma finish it
Nowadays every hoe got an attitude...switch
Or calling herself a bitch
Got a gat, got a rap and all that
But you ain't legit so no callback
Cause the part is mine and I said it first
When you was afraid to curse
What's worse is they told me not to say it
Cause if I do the radio won't play it
But I don't give a fuck about radio this cut
And when I say "Bitch" I don't mean "Slut"
I mean "Being In Total Control of Herself"
Nothing else
So load the clip, grip, I'm equipped to be heard
I call it the B - Word.
Track Name: Single White Female
You’re calling me a Devil
Not knowing I’m twice the level of a rebel
I bury hoes when I battle so better bring a shovel
Tairrie B la mafiosa, bum rushin your ponderosa
Step any closer, my 9 will roast ya
A Ruthless Bitch
At a pitch that’ll make your speakers shatter
I strike a pose outta Vogue and all the B-Boys gather
If it was wack you’d have been gone
But it’s funky so you stayed
Don’t be discouraged by my skin tone
Hardcore – the Italiana is blunt like marijuana
I’mma leave your head steamin like a sauna
Or Jacuzzi as I dis the floozy
Who steps up to try to try do me
Unload my lyrics like an Uzi
Do a drive by why? I pay somebody else to do it
Dig it because there’s really nothing to it
Yes I’m still the mobstress boss and got the paid
Gangsters, snipers, ever since they wore diapers
Hyper than a hypochondriac on crack
And on a payroll pension [to put a slug in your back]
These are the type of motherfuckers that I’m down with
So let’s move on to a new type of gangster shit
The competition is dying to see me fail
Cause my skin is pale
And I’m the Single White Female.

Now you’re in too deep with the Single White Female peep this
And getting deeper and deeper as I keep this
Quiet as kept, never sleep or get slept on
Watch my back so’s I never get crept on
Kept on to the break a dawn and on and on
Now I’m a break em off some
So come and get done
Because you can’t get none of this
And like I told you before, yo I’m runnin this
So all ya hoes who bought my record or rented it
Leave the gangster shit to the bitch who invented it
Since then, you wonder where I’ve been
What happened
They told me white girl can’t – so I’m rappin
Cock the glock like the wreck shop taught me
And now white girls can cause they got me!

Sad Girls just for the money step to the bad girl
Your label pumps you up to get jumped
And you’ll be the had girl
Steady swingin from my bra strap
I ain’t afraid to pull a gat and bust a cap
If it comes to that
But you don’t hear me honey, I gets the money
Back off me sonny
It’s kinda funny from the snow bunny
But I’m a smash that myth
Cause I’mma get rich gangster bitch
And with my four fifth I blast swift
So anybody tryna test the T to get the best of me
I’m a hit ya with my recipe
It’s call machete spaghetti or street pizza
I’ll beat ya then from head to toe
I’ll let my boys beat ya
Next we hittin up your label for extortion
So everything you release …I own a portion
Weep and sob, you got robbed
To me it’s just another job
And now you’re married to the mob
Mobbin – Tairrie B’s heart throbbin in the nine fo
A funky feminine flow that clocks all the dough
There’ll be so many who will fail
Riding close upon the trail
Of the Single White Female.
Track Name: Rhythm Method
Yo it’s Tairrie B for the 9-3
Dropping shit for the G’s
Can I rock the M.I.C? With Ease
Please back up off me…I’m gel
Watching groups of troops head north
With their heads swell
Pay no mind or you get left behind
Like the lyrics I said…You didn’t hear em?
And you’ll find I got the flavor designed
For the flexing and the flowing
And the way I drop it in this rhyme
Ya funkin for the New Year – New atmosphere
What is written’s flipping
And this homegirl’s kinda rare
Rhythm Method’s here and I’m sure it’s clear
With a funky jazz mix
We’re in there...we’re in there
Providing em with what is necessary…well prepared
I’ll make em stare – Don’t try to compare
Cause you were warned
Informed on exactly what I give em
Now I’mma hit em with the… Rhythm

Key to the lock now I rock non stop real strong
Back where I belong
I wasn’t gone long
Now I’m smoothed out underground
And hardly any cursing going on in this song
What’s wrong?
Cat got your tongue?
My flavors still spicy and the groove is still strong
Move along to the song down with the Wreckshop
A feminine flex then onto the next stop
Roughneck sex appeal
Victoria Secret underneath but still
Sportin Khaki suits, steel toed boots
And I collect my loot
Withmy nickel plated chrome…troop
I got my method down pound for pound
You out in the first and they’ll be no next round
Like a blow from Julio I let the tempo flow till I get em
And then I hit em with the …Rhythm

Well here we go and with the flow is simply
Where you’re gonna find me
Kicking it like a G for the men I left behind me
Yo, I give em fever with a rhythm that’s cool
Method got em guessin but I’m strictly old school
Nope I never touch the dope but on occasion
I’ve been known to hit the blunt
So pass whatever’s blazing
I’m raisin hell; no doubt I’m putting heads out
No need to battle cause I take the direct route
Can I swing this new thing like an old fling clings?
I’m taking off like I got wings
Like Teena Marie sings
I got em flipping and tripping off the way the T brings
The soul to the whole program and then slam
Another verse – I blew up but didn’t burst
And didn’t curse cause they told me I could get em
If I hit em with the…Rhythm

Can I swing it?
[Wreckshop] Yes you can

Can I swing it?
[Wreckshop] Yes you can

Can I swing it?
[Wreckshop] Yes you can

Can I swing it?
[Wreckshop] Yes you can

Can I swing it?
[Wreckshop] Yes you can

Can I swing it?
[Wreckshop] Yes you can

Can I swing it?
[Wreckshop] Yes you can

Can I swing it?
Yeah , I damn sure can!
Track Name: Ain't Nothin Personal
They wanna know who started it
Fuck the bullshit
Tairrie B is back and I’mma finish it
Nowadays every hoe got an attitude…switch
But me I’m a Bitch
Got a nine - Got a rhyme for your pimp to coach ya
But the “Murder” I wrote will still smoke ya
Payback’s a mutha…And I owe ya
Ain’t nothing personal
I don’t know ya
Girl’s got balls, but I’mma bust em
E’s down with me so don’t trust him
My rep, huh…step with it
I signed my contract, never slept with it
Take that wack rap back to the crack bed hoe
Fat ass shaking like Jell-O

Not the single white female - Trick don’t try
Prize to the eyes of the wise…wise guys
And the Godfathers and Goodfellas know
Who not to call hoe
Like Lucky Luciano I get my italiano on
And then bomb…like a Don
Strictly business with no rehearsal
And …Ain’t Nothing Personal

Well it’s the trigger finger –Lady Mobster
Like Ma Barker or Bonnie Parker
But I can get deeper and darker
Wearing Dickies and Starter
A 22 in my garter…
Belt and your heart will melt if you trust it
But if your ass roll up them I’mma bust it
And take what’s mine straight from the jump G
Pop the trunk and pull the pump see
I don’t fuck around or clown with a trick
Got balls so I don’t need no dick
And I can get manish if that’s how it gotta be
A Guinea brat with a gat like Gotti
And a body that’s stacked
Packed with a 357
So watch where you’re stepping
The one to play me is Martin Scorsese
Ain’t a hoe yet fade me
And make me wonder
When I’m going under cause I got nine lives
And I got cats eyes
Spot a “Tweedy Bird” in my scope and I buck him
Then I pluck him –Better start duckin –Fuck him
Show him who’s connected and who ain’t no doubt
And have Schoolly D take his ass out
Cause this is strictly business with no rehearsal
And…Ain’t Nothing Personal

Like a Robert De Niro – I ain’t no hero
A lot of people want me but ain’t not got me
And if you get close and opportunity knocks
Go home and get your shine box
And don’t get cute or ya fin to get a steel toed boot to the grill
So ya hoes better chill
Cause I can get ill when I wreck on a subject
Check your head –Then check your bed
Or better yet your stable –Who’s running your label
Or taking pussy from you under the table
It might be Eazy that you’re giving it up to
But I’m the one who’s gonna fuck you
So save the drama for Brian DePalma...huh,
And the rest for your mama
Cause if I wanna get ya
You’d have already been got
Point blank one shot
Cause I’m the Boss of Bosses
And my gold cross has
Got me connected and I’m well respected
Wear a bulletproof vest - Give the kiss of death
Drop the gun and then confess
Yes I’m a Bitch and they’ve all tried to get me
Father forgive me
Cause this is strictly business with no rehearsal
And…Ain’t Nothing Personal
Track Name: Pull Up To Tha Bumper
Hey DJ – That’s what I like…
Now pull up to tha bumper

I see you looking so whatcha acting shy for?
Pull up to tha bumper
My beat is to die for
Move your feet
Come on you got to dance to
A rhythm that’s sexy enough to romance you
Here’s your chance - Let the beat tempt you
And if I’m making you sweat well I meant to
Your body will jack to my track as I kick it
The rhythm will hit ya and the drum will get wicked
The lyrics will flow and no, I don’t sing them
This is a rap so yo, I just swing them
Bring them to a higher level of conscious
The beat goes on I does I flaunt this
New style, meanwhile, you can’t dis this
You want a play thing?
Go get a mistress
You want kiss this?
Take a number sucka
And…Pull Up To Tha Bumper

I got the right to choose, use sex as a weapon
“The Power of a Woman” is strong
I’m stepping...
To the dance floor but don’t let that fool ya
Try to play me out no doubt I’ll school ya
With a beat that’s funky, a bass that’s royal
Bringing room temperature to a boil
So act like ya know cause this ain’t “Beat Street”
And if ya do, then I got a sweet treat
Drums that’ll kick and a snare that’ll hit ya
Me not get ya, I can’t even picture
Cause my résumé’s extensive
Flavors fly and my taste expensive
Yes I’m sexy, but respect me
So don’t run up boy, come correctly
Yo Julio G are ya with me?
Then Pull Up To Tha Bumper…hit me!

Break it down one time…….

Some say it’s a sin if so, I’m a sinner
But who’s to say new jack or beginner?
I’m a different shade of soul which is hard to swallow
But educate your mind and your body will follow
Wherever you lead there’s a place you can go to
Get into the groove and a beat you can flow to
The tempo is hype on a straight up club tip
So come on and dance cause I know that you love it
But no need to shove it, just go with your body
Your moves are smooth but your nature is naughty
And this is my party so don’t get too dirty
Please, I’m no skeeze, I’m just being flirty
But I’ll strip tease right down to the bare drum
Hi-Hat all that and a snare drum
Music has no race or face or color
Now Pull Up To Tha Bumper
Track Name: Let's Get Funky
[Salt] One Two, One Two
Tairrie B’s in the house, in the house
Turning it out, Turning it out…ah yeah

Not here to talk about sex
[Salt] Nope
No that’s next
Here to bust some rhymes for your mind
On a beat so sweet, that you could eat…this
Lyrics so dope … Ya wanna smoke so… c’mon

Yo, yo, yo. yo…..
This beat is groovy and it’s grooving
And it’s got my body moving
And it’s soothing while I’m cruising to the max
And that’s the facts –I don’t have time to relax
I’m getting busy boy the T is making tracks
I can’t stop
I gotta move my booty when I hear the beat drop
My feet just tap and my fingers just pop
And then I be bop to the what
To the top…To the what?
To the tip tip top
I’m hype, getting hyper on this heavy hip hopness
No one can stop this
I’m gonna drop this…
Snare right there
[Salt] Like that?
Hell yeah…No one can ever compare

Skip, skip skip skip….
Skip to my Lou to my one two
[Salt] So what you wanna do?
I’ll leave it up to you…

Now get a grip get off my tip and don’t
Give me no lip
Cause I’ve been known in my home zone to flip…quick
I’m hot like fire…The flame is getting higher
Me O my A what a sizzling sensation
A situation…When I need a rest I take a long vacation
To the Bahamas in my pajamas or my jamies
Apple Jolly Ranchers are my favorite candies
But on a serious note
A rhyme I never wrote that just didn’t float
Will get ya high so high without taking dope…nope

Oh….I can’t stop
[Salt] Why?
This beat is thicker…so hurry up quick
And get a flick of my bic
Now drop a dime
The T is ready to rhyme
I ain’t a joke and in a coke I like a twist of lime
Ah yes, I’m hard but so easy going
Not to say that you’re on my tip
But gotta admit that I be flowing
So what’s up?
I give you what you want
[Salt] It’s not pop
Is it pop?
[Salt] No it’s not
So don’t front
This beat is fat cause I like it like that
[Salt] Like this
You don’t wanna dis
Cause you just might get
[Salt] Ripped
With a funky lyric
You must hear it
Tairrie B is on the mic
So don’t ya dare come near it!
Track Name: Necessary Roughness
So you never had a battle
Now you wanna battle Tairrie?
Ya little virgin I’mma bust that cherry
Stepping to me
Now your future looks shady
You got jacked, got jacked by a lady
That’s how I treat a man
Ain't it a trip
Once I get em whipped
They better not slip
There’s a hollow point tip
In the clip of my gat
I got my own and I’m strapped
With a bad rap
And if you offend me
That’s when I start smacking
And stop acting friendly
You’re staring me down
But ain’t scaring me
And I don’t need a goddamn man
To take care of me
Cause I’m an independent woman
In other words
I ain’t backing down to you, you
Or those other nerds
And if you try to stuff this
Then I’mma show toughness
Necessary Roughness

This is a feminine flex
And of coarse the sex is female
Let me kick it in detail
Men keep saying that woman can’t rhyme
But I’ve been known to bust balls in my time
Give me a microphone and I’mma get down
To a rhythm coming straight from the Comptown label
I don’t mess around with rhyming
I kick ass and cut glass like a diamond
Steel toes or heels an panty hos
I’m breaking all the rules
Along with the egos
And I stand strong in field that I chose
So wherever I step my rep goes
Now I suppose there are those that doubt me
Cause of something that was written about me
But when you gotta be tough you can’t bluff this
It’s Necessary Roughness

Roughness – And ya made me do it
Now I’mma get up - get down and get to it
In control and coming right at ya
Firm when I sat ya down
Then I gat ya
Rough – Cause that’s how I planned it
Smooth – Cause I’m a lyrical bandit
You try to step but I’mma ruin your rep
Hip hip for the punk with pep
Just another motherfucker I had to drag along
You bother me son, move on you’re just a tag along
Tryna get a piece of the action
But I keep waxin, taxin and askin…
Why is rap not for a lady, huh
We’ve come a long way baby
And it’s time for a woman with toughness
This is Necessary Roughness
Track Name: Respect Yourself
Now here’s a strong topic - Drop it and relate to it
No need to stop it and no need to be afraid of it
A lot of men are taking advantage
I don’t play that
No I’m not gonna front or try to say that
I ain’t been a sucker for a man – I have been
But that was back then – Never mind what has been
This is the present and who says it ain’t right
For me to speak up and say what I feel inside
But I’m not the only one to feel how I feel infact
All the ladies in the house I got your back
You gotta get with this and respect you
Cause if ya don’t –Don’t expect nobody else to
I’m coming at ya with a serious subject
Yeah – I’m pro-Choice and I’m making it public
And if I’m talking to you
Then it’s time to protect yourself
In other words….Respect Yourself

Let me tell you about a girl I know named Laurie
I’ll call her that for the sake of this story
She was a good girl – From a good family
Two sisters, a mom and a dad ya see
They were upper middle class, ya know green grass?
A couple a cars, nice house and all that
Now don’t blab it but Laurie had a habit
Every night she’s take her arm and she’d stab it
She was addicted and nothing could save her
From the needle that her boyfriend gave her
Damn what a man can do to ya - huh
I hope you’re listening
I hope I’m getting through to ya
She no longer had a home
Cause her family rejected her
No longer had a job cause nobody respected her
All of this because of somebody else
It ain’t worth it
Ya gotta…Respect Yourself

That’s right – It’s 1992
And “The Power of a Woman” continues
Cause if you don’t respect yourself
Ain’t nobody gonna respect you
Yo – It’s up to you
So what ya gonna do?


Kick in the drums cause here comes the real deal
Your man is beating you down
Now how do you feel?
Like nothing, yeah so get tough and…
Tell him you’re gonna leave him
I mean without bluffing
You’re getting used and abused
You got nothing to lose
But your life
Think about it cause one night
He may take it
Before It’s too late go get help
You gotta…Respect Yourself
Track Name: Give The Beat A Break
Here we go –Listen up tell us
Is it right for a white girl to make the fellas jealous?
Hell yes, Groove to the rhythm
Move to the dance floor
Forget how I’m living
My name’s Tairrie
And I’m very…Very cherry
Very… extraordinary
You can’t knock it, so you jock it while I roll it
But if you want it sexy I’ll stroll it
Smooth so get into the groove while I swing it
Straight up, wait up you ready now I’mma bring it
To a climax, wax and tax all the sucker making noise
Give The Beat A Break Boys

Testing my mic to a beat that’s hype
I add a feminine touch cause I’m ladylike
You needed someone tough, well I’m the sister to do it
So put the needle to the record and…get to it
I attack the track and any punk to approach me
Step back baby cause there’s no need to coach me
I carry myself like a lady when I rap
If the crowd calls for it then I carry a gat
And come fully strapped yo…you know the rule
Calm, cool…cause I ain’t no fool
Don’t try to bluff me boy
That’s a wrong move
And I rap rough to a strong groove
I’ll put you in your place
With a scratch to match my voice
Give The Beat A Break Boys

Now if a rumor of a battle comes up
I’ll say..right girl
Pass the microphone to the white girl
And just stay back while I start where you left off
Step off…While I get my rep off
Homeboys make some noise
[Baker Boys] Yo T!
Throw your hands in the air
[Baker Boys] Go T!
Now just stay cool cause I ain’t taking no shit
I’m dope, I look good and you know I’m legit
Stop having a fit – Sweating my tip
Cause I’m down with Comptown…and that’s it
Ooooh, did I say a bad word now?
Well let me drop a little Ruthless know how’
Yeah, something funky for the busters
Your girl got a rhyme? Well I’mma dust hers
Homeboy…cause you’re leaving me no choice
Give The Beat A Break Boys
Track Name: Fever
The minute he walked in the joint
Now let me get right to the point....
My temperature rose
And I suppose I froze
My pantyhose felt tight, my knees felt weak
I had to powder my nose, I didn't attempt to speak
He walked by, winked his eye and with a sexy sigh
He said...."Hi"
I tried to be cool
but how can you be cool when you're hot
I tried to be calm
But how can you be calm when you're not
So I sat at the table and ordered a drink
Make it a...white wine
I needed some time to think
I pointed him out to the waiter as he sat at the bar
I said "So sugar, who'se the guy with the scar?"
[I've never seen him before]
Well find out his name....
He was alone he didn't have no dame
I got up, stepped to the back of the room
For a breather - he gave me....Fever!

Fever, when he kissed me
Fever when he held me tight
Fever, in the morning
Fever all through the night

I grabbed my mink and walked over said...
Is this seat taken?
The heat was on, I knew he was bakin
We looked at each other and I felt kinda steamy
Is that a gun in your pocket...
Or are you just glad to see me?
The band started playing and the room got smokey
I asked him to dance he said...
[ALT]I gotta stay low-ley"
What's the wanted or something?
He said...
[ALT] "Yeah, or something"
I knew right away that he was nothing but trouble
He ordered a scotch on the rocks
So I said "Make it a Double"
The waitress poured the drink
And she began to flirt
I said "Back off chick or else you're gonna get hurt"
He had a fat bankroll, no tip for the ho
He wispered in my ear..
[ALT] C'mon baby , let's go"
You got a girlfriend?
[ALT] well uh...
Well I suggest that you leave her
He gave me...Fever!

Fever, when he kissed me
Fever when he held me tight
Fever, in the morning
Fever all through the night

Well I took him by the arm and said...
Let's blow this dump
As we got to the door he called some sucker a chump
[ALT] Ay yo...chump
We jumped in his ride and headed back to the crib
So you can take it from there
Ya know..."ad lib"
And if you don't understand
See we was playin a part
He was my man from the very start
So ladies listen up
This is what you got to do
You're love life needs a lift, here's a tip for you
You've gotta turn up the heat
Once in a while and please him...
Wear something sexy round the house
And tease him
Like lingerie or lipstick that's red
Oh, and don't forget those satin sheets on the bed
Pop the cork on the champagne
Treat him like a king
Dim the lights and let Sinatra sing
On the stereo, cause that's the way to go
So take it form the 'T'
Cause me I know...
How to keep my man girls...
[GIRLS] you best believe her
Yeah, I give him Fever

Fever, when he kissed me
Fever when he held me tight
Fever, in the morning
Fever all through the night
Fever, when he kissed me
Fever when he held me tight
Fever, in the morning
Fever all through the night

Fever all through the night
Know what i'm sayin?
Fever all through the night
Talk to me daddy....
Track Name: The Godmother
Ruthless –Making money is no joke
Pistols smoke – Cut throats and you choke
No messing around clown you better be down with me
The Female Mob Boss –Head of the family
No kisses and hugs –I’m not into drugs
Keep a piece in my purse and I’m surrounded by thugs
Shrewd when I make a decision
A Baptism – Put me in this position
Taking out competition with a hit
Legit, equipped to be called a Syndicate
No rehearsal, nothing personal
This…is straight up business
Ice on my fingers, on my neck is a gold cross
I want it I got it …It doesn’t matter the cost
Clever, never ever going for the set up
The cops won’t let up….So now we go head up
Mess with me I’ll come back at your brother
They call me…The Godmother

Part two –The saga continues
I’m rubbing out crews – If ya snooze ya lose
Hit the stage, cause I’m on a rampage
Found face down from effects of a 12 gauge
LA Times front page reads boldly
“Another Mobster Shot Down Coldly”
Mafia related…Yes and I’m stepping
To the limo…Ditch the murder weapon
Back to the pad make me mad and I’ll stomp ya
Don’t even try –My alibi’s the Opera
After that, a bubble bath and bed
DA talking shit you’ll get a bullet to the head
I’m quick to flip so don’t press your luck punk
Get off my tip or end up in a trunk
And under a sheet….there’s no need to be sweet
I pay people like ALT to take the heat
Recite the oath to a shotgun blast
Now you’re mine from first favor to last
Mess with me, I’ll come back at your brother.
They call me the Godmother

You try to step to me homeboy but it’ll be
A cold day in hell or better yet Italy
I’m strapped with a gat when I roll with my posse
Took out the last sucker to cross me
Cause I’m the Boss see….so throw me my Raiders cap
While I gangster rap
And slap hoes and those who try to play me close
[Posse] Salute
To the family I toast
A bulletproof bustier for the evening
Load, the 357 as I’m leaving
Versace suit– One look and your heart will melt
A 22 tucked in my garter belt
High heeled pumps complete with a steel toe
I’ll watch your last breath and death will be real slow
Mess with me I’ll come back at your brother
They call me ….The Godmother

Yo boys….Show em who’s Ruthless

So you come to me cause you want protection
Kiss me ring as a sign of affection
Slice your finger and say you’re a friend to me
I know you’re my enemy
So now you’re dead with a bullet to the dome
So I buy two tickets and head to Rome
Time to hide out, relax and wind out
There’s no way the cops will find out
That’s what happens if you’re dissin me
Yo I make the hit then get to Sicily
Chill with the family at least a year
Come back to town when the smoke has cleared
Call my boys cause we’re back in business
Check my hit list and pay some visits
So give me respect unlike to other
I’m Tairrie B….The Godmother!
Track Name: Rhymin' With A Devil
Now lets run with a level
And on the double
Tairrie B was called a Devil
Now you're in trouble
Cause the mic is in tone
Your mind has been blown
So don't judge me for my skin tone...sucka!
Names i've been called been kinda nasty
Punk motherf**kers always try to harrass me
Sass me, blast me but that's blasphemy
You want a pop rap? F**k that
Quit askin me
God created everyone with the same sand
Blood that's red but yo, some are more tan
So understand my plan when I write this
Me, myself I grip the mic with a white fist
And whether your Italian, Latin or Asian
African American or yes, Caucasion
Color doesn't got noting to do with it
Kick my level....
Who you callin a Devil?

Rhymin' With A Devil, yeah yeah
Rhymin' With A Devil

Steadily was how I started my last track
Held back for the fact that I ain't black
Attacked the woman assuming I wasn't down
And never asked me the meaning of "Comptown"
Found the sound to be deadly
A magnum was a microphone
Murder the medley
But I hold my own, so i'm known as a "Bitch"
yo, rock that shit!

Rhymin' With A Devil, yeah yeah
Rhymin' With A Devil

Now the system's set up so you just can't trust it
But censorship ain't shit...I'm cussin'
Little white lies, blue eyes and blonde hair...
Shouldn't be my cross to bare
The "B" word , truth or dare, define it....
"B to the I T C H" I'm it
Rhyme it, speak of a Devil and be warned
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
With the letter "D" and you better be
On your best behavior when you step to me
Yeah, you thought that I was just another
"Ice" cream color
And everything I heard my brothers say
But I don't play myself out
or take the hell route
And if you ain't down with that
Then you ain't on my level
And you're ...Rhymin' With A Devil!

Huh, that's right...
I ain't got nothin to prove
And the groove's by Sugartooth!
Track Name: Some Like It Hot [bonus track]
I'm swift with the gift
To me, rhymin comes naturally
Born to perform
Get applause and cause casualties
If damage gets done bet that I did it
WIth finess in a dress that's perfectly fitted
I'm the gangstas moll
Not too tall but I'm packin a gun, made for fun
that's why these bums keep strappin this..
Platinum blonde bombshell
I proceed to exceed, succeed and excel
To new heights, that's right I'm white and I'm down
With the boys in the hood and my label "Comptown"
My name'sTairrie but you can call me "Freddy"
Cause I'm your worst nightmare if you're a "Betty"
So get ready, VIc cuts like a machete
Most men will give their lives, to see me in a teddy
Girls hold your men as tight as you can
The beat is by "Ren" and now i'mma begin
To get loose, seduce put on lipstick and mousse
Then kick ten times more rhymes of Mother Goose

When will you learn that I burn like a flame and put this dame's name on the walk of fame
And pay your respects
To the new "Queen of Compton"
Punks talkin junk are the punks I'm stompin
Out like roaches in steel toed boots
Bleached blonde with Italian roots
Born for rhymin' - Forever like diamonds
You sleep while I creep so I keep climbin'...
Higher- Object of your desire
Always draped in the flyest attire
I know who I look like
But don't even say it
Just go to the stoer buy my record and play it
and realize that I rise above the level
Of ignorant suckers who call me a Devil
When i'm a goddess
There's no need to be modest
I turn out the show and prove who's the hottest
In the profession
I'll make an impression
Keep the men starin'
While wearin "Obsession" cologne
Drop the microphone
And smack a ho - If I don't like her tone
Of voice... it's annoying when girls try to play me
I keep my composure and act like a lady
You got what it takes?
Oh no I think not
It takes what I've got cause....
Some Like It Hot!